Ivan’s Bar

Ivan’s Bar & Restaurant



Ivan’s bar & restaurant has beautiful ocean front dining. Ivan’s is private dining during the day but opens to the public from 5pm. Visit us for that special romantic evening and rekindle the romance with our “Night of 100 Candles”.  Great food (international and Jamaican) and fabulous cocktails from our famous bartenders. You can also dine at our 100 candle private dining area available for that extra special evening. We also host weddings and rehearsal dinners.




Our 100 candle dinner is a romantic private dinner for 2ppl. It is a five course meal served with a bottle of champagne. We have two areas to choose from. We have our Cliffside area. This area is directly on the cliffs edge. Enjoy dining under the stars while you enjoy the company of the one you love.  The other area is the Garden side Gazebo. This is close to the cliffs edge awayfrom the restaurant in a private area overlooking the Caribbean sea.

The Story of Ivan’s Bar

When Hurricane Ivan visited Jamaica , he didn’t hit the entire island with his full wrath. Veering west at the last moment, Ivan downgraded from a Category 5 to a Category 4 hurricane before hitting the coast of Jamaica . It has been said there was a lot of praying and that perhaps Jah influenced his change in direction and force. Being that Catcha Falling Star is located on the Western Coast of Jamaica,n (The reason our sunsets are spectacular) It bore the Burnt of Ivan’s  anger.    


     From September 9th to the 12th 2004 Ivan spewed his fury of torrential rains sustaining winds up to 165mph and waves of 20-30 feet upon the West End cliffs. He hovered directly over us for more than 33hrs – It seemed as if he had chosen the West End as his permanent home (as many visitors to the island would also like to do).  It’s difficult to imagine the damage unless you witnessed it yourself. Cottages were washed into the sea and instead of beautiful plants and flowers as you can see now the grounds at catcha were leveled to bare rock, mud and debris tossed up by the sea. At the end of the day, all agreed “ Ivan the Terrible” as he became known was an unwelcome guest, one who stayed far to Catcha Falling Star’s Beautiful Almond tree  long and left a path of destruction.

      In his wake which had stood as a lone sentinel on the cliff for many years, had succumbed to Ivan. Its been said that the Lord giveth and the lord taketh away; however, on a positive note, this aged and proud tree became the inspiration and, in fact immortalized as the main structural component for Ivans Bar.  We trust Ivan’s relatives will respect his creation so it may continue to be enjoyed by all who visit his namesake and see his tree.

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